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Rental Franchise

Mini Speedboat Rental Franchise

Boating is fun, but in today’s uncertain economy, people are looking to enjoy themselves but do it on a budget. MIG Marine was formed for two reasons. The first phase is to design, produce and distribute a complete line of high quality, low cost, affordable, personal watercraft, and high-performance powerboats. These boats are based on the popular high priced, high performance, “Cigarette” style offshore speedboats that were featured on the popular hit TV series “Miami Vice”, but scaled down to be the same size and price of the very popular and inexpensive “Jet ski” that is rented worldwide.

The initial phase of design and production has already been completed and US Coast Guard approved!

Distribution will be accomplished by selling exclusive territory “Distributorships” and then to set up a chain of Internationally Franchised rental locations that, unlike other “Jet Ski” and boat renters we will also be authorized MIG Marine boat dealers that purchase the boats at dealer cost instead of retail prices, unlike the Jet Ski renters are forced to do.

Management believes it has identified a largely untapped market niche:

Renting to the public small, inexpensive mini speedboats that will compete with Jet Ski and boat rentals. Although Jet Ski rental sites are all over the globe, there is no Jet Ski rental franchise available. MIG Marine mini speedboats have many advantages over the Jet Skis such as a much longer boating season and are significantly safer, due to the fact the rider is inside the vehicle instead of sitting on top (just like the difference between a motorcycle and a car).

Dealer/Rental Franchisee

This concept will make it easy to establish an international “Dealer/Rental Franchisee” network, being that the Franchisee will also be able to sell his used inventory at a profit and also sell new inventory, just like a Jet Ski dealer. Renting a fun mini speedboat will attract many unsolicited customers that may not be dressed appropriately for the occasion, (no swimsuit), not physically fit to ride a Jet Ski or may have not been in the market to purchase a boat or even a franchise. This will also be very attractive to a prospective rental Franchisee, because the Franchisee will basically be renting boats but will be indirectly selling DEMO rides and receive a sales commission on every new or used boat sold from the rental location. With this scenario in mind, the Franchisee will also be able to sell his used inventory and never have to worry about replacing worn out depreciated boats or having depreciation on his financials!

This concept is completely different than the Jet Ski rental business as the Jet Ski renters must purchase Jet Skis at a retail price from a local Jet Ski dealer. MIG Marine Franchisees will purchase boats at Dealer cost instead of retail. This is another edge against the competition and another enticement for prospective Franchisees due to the fact that the money they save on the boats will practically pay for the franchise fee.​